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Providing Cutting Edge Video Technology for its Listings


Jennifer Kobayashi     Property Manager      Willow Point Realty




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Leila Duncan      Managing Broker      Willow Point Realty



Service is Our Purpose



The Managing Broker of Willow Point Realty is Leila Duncan.

Willow Point Realty provides full service and saves you money when you sell your home or property.
We are also pleased to help buyers with their search and purchase of any Campbell River home.

Homes priced up to $200,000 pay the full flat fee of $5,600.
Homes priced $200,001 to $500,000 pay the full flat fee of $6,800.
Homes over $500,000 fees are negotiated.

ONLINE VIDEO TOURS & DVDs are available to enhance Sellers' homes internet presence. Video tours provide maximum property exposure. For more information on online video tours and DVDs please go to 'Buyers and Sellers' - 'Free Consumer Help'.
"73 percent of homeowners are more likely to list with a REALTOR
offering to do a video." REM May 2012
Willow Point Realty is the only company in Campbell River to routinely offer to provide videos of its listings. Come on board with us if you want to sell your home. Service is our purpose and if you aren't happy with our service we will provide an unconditional cancelation of your listing.

Willow Point Realty also has a Rental Property Management department. Give Leila Duncan or Jennifer Kobayashi a call at 250-923-1521 for your rental and management needs.

This site includes relevant information for Buyers and Sellers regarding the acquisition, sales, and rentals of homes/properties in Campbell River on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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